Taking a Break

IMG_1384I told myself last semester that Spring semester while I was working a full-time job, I would take a break from the stress of college. Then I started training to be a group fitness instructor and scheduled all of my RA duty together at the same time and was leading a volunteer project and was having a horrifying time during the winter and my relaxing semester turned out to be my most stressful to date.

Fortunately, school ended and so did my extracurriculars and the beginning of May brought a little bit of a vacation and it was finally time to start that relaxation I told myself I would have in the Spring…until I had a mid-college crisis and decided to switcheroo my major a little bit and that it would probably be a good idea to take this online accounting class since I had nothing else on my plate except for being an RA and keeping up with my friends and kick starting a service project with Boston Public Schools.

I’m finally about week away from an actual, real, nothing is happening break. I’ll be spending the rest of the summer between next week and mid-August RA training either at home, visiting John, or on vacation of some sort.

It took six months forcing myself to turn down every offer to stay in Boston and or work in any form because I knew it wouldn’t happen any other way, and I am so, so looking forward to it…

except that I’m starting to get a little bit maybe bored already. (Allison: You. Are. Not. Allowed. To. Plan. Anything. For. This. Break.)

Welcome to the life of a Type A personality.

Taking a Break

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