Feeling Accomplished

What. A. Weekend.

Just kidding. I didn’t do anything incredibly crazy or spectacular. I caught up with a couple friends from high school who will be attending my college next year (so excited!!) and spent some time with my fellow RA staffers, but overall the weekend was relatively dreary and boring.

the celebratory cone

Friday night I celebrated the end of co-op (and marriage equality!) with an ice cream cone. It was nearly impossible to muster up any  more energy to work on studying for my accounting final, so I made hardly any progress Saturday; however, I did have another huge accomplishment.

Wait for it…

I RAN 13 MILES!!! I convinced John to register for the Houston half marathon with me in January a few weeks ago, and while I know you technically don’t have to and/or aren’t supposed to run the full distance in training, I wouldn’t be able to believe I could do it unless I did it. From here, I’m going to work on improving my time somewhat since I have six months to practice. I’ll make a full-fledged post about my relationship with running sometime soon, but the tl;dr version is that this is a huge accomplishment because a year ago, I was barely able to run a mile at the pace I ran 13 yesterday.

It’s safe to assume I celebrated that little victory with an even larger ice cream cone.

Fortunately, I chose the right day to run because Sunday’s weather here was incredibly miserable. Boston is not doing a good job right now of making me want to stay. I spent all day studying in the dining hall and pretty much burned myself out before I had office hours for move-out (another RA responsibility). Fortunately, after I got out of the office, I had some high quality human interaction. I thought I was an introvert for like 6 months last year. I am not an introvert. I have low to no energy until I hang out with people (in person, mind you), and after quality interaction I’m bouncing off the walls.

Anyway, I took my final this morning and did a lot better than expected. It feels incredible to be done. With everything. Sort of. Almost. Until next time!

Feeling Accomplished

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