Summer To-do List (An Excerpt)

Hello! Posting a bit late today because last night I was ex-hau-sted and I spent the entire morning packing all of my things into fewer boxes than I would have liked.

Since my summer break officially begins tomorrow, I thought I’d share some of my plans for my time off.

Summer relaxing on the Esplanade in Boston

Getting SRA-ready for the school year. I’m going to have to go from above average RA this past year to super RA next year, and I’m taking the summer to work on prepping myself. I plan to study all of the paperwork rules, put together some awesome door decorations and bulletin boards, and draft roommate contracts for all of my residents to use. For the first time in a while, being an RA will be my only job and I’m planning to invest as much time as possible into it.

Read a bunch o’ books. I’ll probably post about this alone later on, but I’m going to have ample time to get some reading done this summer, particularly when my family heads to the beach. I’m working on putting together a list with a variety of reads–I picked up an organizational psychology book from my boyfriend’s sister last night, I need to finish the Gillian Flynn novel I started on a few months ago, and I’ll probably add in another informational book as well as a couple of light, girly reads. I wish I had more time to read during the school year and perhaps next year I will work to cut out more time for it, but I always find myself feeling like I don’t have time. I went through a phase during my internship this past winter where I was reading consistently for about a month, and it was glorious.

Learn HTML/CSS. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m really excited to give this blog a little TLC. I started blogging because I thought it would be a great creative outlet and because I already wanted to gain a lot of skills that can come with blogging, I was just having trouble finding a motivator. I have a little experience with HTML, but I’m starting from scratch with the Khan Academy  HTML/CSS tutorials and going from there. I’m also hoping to use some of my experience with graphic design to give this blog a makeover at some point this summer.

Get my digital life organized. The summer before college, I scrounged up a good chunk of the money in my savings account and combined it with all of my graduation money to buy myself a Macbook Pro. Unfortunately, I could only afford the lowest end Macbook and while I don’t regret my decision at all, my computer is starting to slow down considerably and I need to find a more effective way of sorting my files. I was inspired by this blog post on digital organization. I need to expand past my basic Dropbox usage and actually use the external hard drive my dad gave me last year.

Whew. That already feels like a lot, but I know I’ll have even more on my plate as my break gets into gear. Until next time!

Summer To-do List (An Excerpt)

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