Surviving the Flight: Two Tactics for Long Plane Rides

This was never intended to be a travel blog, but rather a college lifestyle blog. However, starting the blog during the summer means I’m writing a lot less about class and a lot more about whatever I happen to be doing this summer. I realized today that starting last week, I am going to be on an airplane at least once a week for the next five weeks.

Pre-college, when I could count on one hand the number of times I’d flown, being on an airplane by itself was extremely exciting and could keep me entertained. But between long layovers for flights home, living a four hour flight away from my boyfriend, and traveling by plane all around India last summer, I feel like a bit of a master at keeping myself distracted in flight. I’ve tried a variety of tricks, but two have proven so tried and true I do them just about every time I fly.


1. Dramamine + Pillow. Guys. Never fly without these two things. I have two types of Dramamine: non-drowsy and drowsy. I take non-drowsy dramamine when I have free wifi and want to watch TV on the flight (I see you, Southwest) and drowsy dramamine when I either did not get enough sleep the night before or want to sleep for the entirety of my trip (including layover). I don’t always have issues with motion sickness, but Dramamine is a great safeguard. I also have a handy neck pillow to keep me from laying/drooling all over the people next to me. It makes me sleep considerably better and I can just attach it to my backpack handle to store it.

2. Magazines. I always buy a magazine on my iPad before a flight. Be sure to download the entirety of the publication before your flight because airport wifi is never strong enough for downloads. Magazines are lighter reads than books so I can get distracted and get back into it. I could also see myself buying a magazine from a store in the airport before a flight. I’ve occasionally read books while flying, but I find magazines are much better at keeping me entertained.

Hope these were helpful! Until next time!

Surviving the Flight: Two Tactics for Long Plane Rides

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