It’s Friday!

I’m getting super excited for the weekend ahead with John in Austin! We have a lot on our potential to-do list, and I’ll be sure to share our reviews as we come along.


I arrived in Austin last night and John and after spending some time reuniting, we headed to the famous Salt Lick for dinner. I can’t say I am a barbecue expert because I haven’t eaten at more than five or six barbecue places in my lifetime, but WOW the Salt Lick blew it out of the park.

Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the food–I was far too excited about eating. We got a brisket plate and a pulled pork plate and were definitely expecting the former to be tastier, but the pulled pork knocked it out of the park. It was incredibly flavorful and not dry at all. Despite my argument that we wouldn’t be able to finish (John was right. We finished.), we added a side of sweet potato fries to our order. Once again, knocked it out of the park, Salt Lick.

After dinner, we watched the sun set off of the roof of John’s apartment and grabbed a slice of pie from the gluten free bakery near the UT Austin campus (John has celiac). It’s been great so far to escape Louisville’s humidity and if I haven’t already said it, I am so excited for the weekend ahead.

I hope you have a great weekend! Until next time!

It’s Friday!

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