Farewell 612

We sold our house this weekend. 44 hours between when we posted it to signing the forms with the realtor. Yeah. It happened that quickly. To, you know, the house we lived in for literally my entire childhood (the past 16 years) and that I sort of thought we’d be living in for a few more years until my parents actually got around to listing it.


It’s a little weird–first, because I’m actually in town for the event. Because I’ve pretty much missed every other major event in our family since I started college. I was in town for my grandma’s funeral last November, but other than that nada.

Second, our new house is not really ever going to be home for me. Like I will feel comfortable in it and being home is mostly about being around my family and not where our physical location is, but the new house will have a lot different kind of memories in it.

It’s sad when you leave a house to know that you probably won’t ever see the inside of it again. It’s captured in pictures and engrained in my mind through memories, but I won’t be able to show my future friends or children where I grew up.

Anyway, if it’s not obvious by my sentimentality, I’m a little bit too exhausted from the weekend and overwhelmed by what’s ahead to be writing this post up. Until next time!

Farewell 612

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