Guilty Pleasures

I basically stopped watching TV when I went to college. I never feel like I have the time to sit and binge watch Netflix, and I’ve never had a TV to watch anything regularly. But this summer, I’ve gotten hooked on watching Big Brother with my family.

Prior to this summer, I was pretty sure I could declare my lowest point of life if I started watching Big Brother, but I misjudged the show completely. It’s undoubtedly my favorite reality TV show. Much more entertaining/less annoying than The Bachelor, and a super light show to get into. Definitely a new guilty pleasure.

I need to start finding more guilty pleasures that I let myself indulge in during the school year. I’m trying to rework my approach to being in classes so that I have time to actually RELAX and not feel guilty even though I’m not studying. What are your guilty pleasures? More importantly, how do you de-stress?

Guilty Pleasures

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