Two Must-Have Apps Before Heading Off to College

Hi guys! I just have a quick post for you today. I was originally thinking I might have more to add to this list, but I really don’t keep a lot of apps on my phone. Honestly, my 16GB iPhone only holds so much data and I take far too many Instagram photos for it to contain anything but the bare necessities. I’ve found these two apps to be my most used since collge started.

Uber and Lyft // These apps would be nearly useless if I went to school in the middle of nowhere, but since I’m in Boston it’s almost necessary. Public transportation shuts down at something like 2AM (and during the winter–ha!) and¬†taxi drivers almost always take advantage of college students, so these are great alternatives. Uber and Lyft send a car at the touch of a button. I use them pretty much¬†interchangeably, but I check Uber first because although it’s slightly more expensive, I think their drivers are a little more thoroughly screened. However, you’ll find that a lot of drivers drive for both companies and I trust both.

Venmo // Apparently my friends from other schools haven’t heard of the glory of this app, but John introduced me a while back and it’s pretty popular in Boston. It’s the most useful app I have on my phone. You can hook it up to your bank account/debit card in the same manner as you would PayPal and send friends money at the touch of a button. I always forget who owes who money for what, and Venmo eliminates that problem by allowing me to send cash to my friends immediately after a purchase is made!

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if there are any apps you love having on your phone!

Two Must-Have Apps Before Heading Off to College