I’m Taller than My Boyfriend (5 Facts You’ll Only Know Because I’m Telling You)

Okay. You can sort of tell in this picture that I'm a little taller.
Okay. You can sort of tell in this picture that I’m a little taller.
Happy Friday! I was trying to think of a cute tradition I could start for every Friday, but I couldn’t think of anything so I’m ditching the idea for now. Here are five fun lil facts you wouldn’t know otherwise!

1. I’m taller than my boyfriend.

I am maybe just now finally becoming okay with this fact, perhaps. Over the past two and a half years, I’ve become incredibly skilled at the art of getting John to stand up straight in pictures and crouching ever-so-slightly to put us eye to eye. There’s only about an inch of difference, but you’d think there were five the number of times I got a “You look so much taller in real life!” the first time I visited John at school.

2. I’m a former ketchup hater.

This was more of a fun fact when I actually hated ketchup. I tricked myself into liking it by transitioning with Whataburger ketchup. It tastes so much better than normal ketchup, I swear. Anyway, I find it to be a pain to be a picky eater, so I’m working on knocking the last few items off of my “won’t eat” list.

3. A year ago, I couldn’t run a full mile without stopping.

I’ve been talking about running a half marathon with John since the end of last summer. Which is funny because even then, I could barely run three miles. I’m finally up to barely being able to run seven and plan on spending the latter half of my summer getting up to 13.1. The mini isn’t until January, but I don’t trust myself if I don’t hit some goals early on.

4. I went on a shopping spree a few months ago and I still feel guilty.

I haven’t looked at an online store since. I was working full time and the money just felt like it was flowing in and it’s not like I’m super strapped for cash now as a result but like…a whole paycheck? On re-vamping your wardrobe? Really, Allison? And you got a pedicure that weekend too? Dear God. Yeah. Like I said. I’m not shopping again for a while.

5. I’ve had iced coffee to drink almost every day for the past three weeks.

The bigger secret? How many packets of Sugar in the Raw I’m putting in that iced coffee. I tried to give up sugar for a couple of weeks this winter. Worst two weeks of my life. I have a horrifying addiction. I promise I’ll try again soon.

I’m Taller than My Boyfriend (5 Facts You’ll Only Know Because I’m Telling You)

I think my FitBit changed my life.

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When I started college in September two years ago, I hadn’t exercised regularly since about the 4th grade. I could hardly run a mile, despite being thin enough that no one worried about my health. I was somewhat active and on my feet for a fair portion of most days as I spent most of high school working service industry jobs, but I made a point to change my habits when I moved to Boston.

my trusty wristband
my trusty wristband

I spent first semester haphazardly fumbling around the small gym in my dorm room, getting on the elliptical or stationary bike once or twice a day while I watched Netflix or did readings for class. By the end of the semester, my knees were hurting every time I got on a machine—that’s what happens to people who don’t know the basics of stretching or how to adjust a bike to avoid knee injury. I decided that winter break that I needed a new kind of routine.

I used a chunk of my Christmas money to buy a FitBit at Target over winter break. My mom and cousin had them and it looked like a fun way to get moving—tracking my movement was an incredibly compelling concept. Little did I know, the wristband would motivate me to move more through the winter and into the next months and years.

That semester back at school, I started taking group fitness classes at the gym—they taught me about stretching and proper exercise form and combining strength exercises with cardio, but it was the FitBit that actually changed the way I approached my lifestyle in regard to healthy living and exercise.

My FitBit has motivated me to get up and outside even in the brutal cold of winter, to take a walk while I talk to my boyfriend on the phone rather than lounging, and to push myself to double my steps in a day when I had some free time. I don’t have to feel guilty when I can’t get in a long run, hit a cycling class, or practice pushups: I can incorporate physical activity into my life so much more easily.

the largest amount of data I could fit on an iPhone screen. This is a long term relationship.

I’m a firm believer that a huge reason why Americans struggle with lack of exercise and obesity is because it all seems so daunting. Throughout high school, I was terrified of exercise because I didn’t feel like I was athletic—because I was cut from the 7th grade cross country team and because I would have been laughed at if I tried to play a ball sport. The bite-sized device on my left wrist with five little lights to let me know how close I am to my goal has taught me more about lifestyle change than anything I’ve read on the internet about exercise or heard as advice from others.

My advice (although, as I will probably repeat over and over again, I am no expert) to anyone of any size trying to change their lifestyle is to start small. I tried too much too quickly by hitting the gym with no experience, but changing the way I think about things has altered my experience significantly. I’ve slowly upped my goal from 10,000 steps a day to adding running to my routine to registering for a mini marathon in January.

This post is not sponsored in any way by FitBit, but I’m so in love I can’t promise this is the last you’ll hear of the thing 😉

Until next time!

I think my FitBit changed my life.