Perks of Dating a Nerd

Have you ever used Reddit before? I remember a few summers ago when I was at a camp, I decided to myself that one of the boys in my group was cool solely because he was wearing a Reddit shirt. I think I thought this meant he was hip in my kind of way, but I don’t actually remember where I first heard about the site. Basically Reddit is a giant online forum with “subreddit” pages about almost any topic you could imagine.

The first time I visited the site, long before John and I were dating, I was turned off. The user interface is intuitive to computer people, I think, but to the layperson it’s just a poorly designed site that’s difficult to navigate. I went back to Facebook stalking immediately. Flash forward three plus years to John sending me links to this funny thing and that funny thing he found on Reddit and I decided to give it another try.

Let’s get this straight: John and I use Reddit for very different purposes. John has an account with a feed that updates regularly and mostly includes computer science jokes and cute cat videos  (from what I gather), but I use Reddit when I want to quickly learn about a topic. For example, I’m working on training for a half marathon in January and I checked out /r/running and found insanely useful information, starter guides, and answers to questions I had with just a few clicks and searches. Check out the right side bar and you can usually find a wiki on the given topic.

That website is way cooler and more useful than it looks. I know you don’t trust me right now, but this is exactly like the first time I walked over to MIT and saw a hot guy running around campus with his shirt off. (Okay not exactly like that time.) Expect the unexpected. Try somethin’ new!

Disclaimer- :/ re: my title. Nerd is a little bit mean. Sorry, John, if you’re reading this. You are a hip nerd. I like your haircut and your glasses. I was going to say CS major but I was avoiding using lingo.

Perks of Dating a Nerd