Take It Slow

John and I visited Uchi, a famous sushi restaurant and the fanciest feast either of us have indulged in, on Sunday evening. (Note: Not for a college budget…unless someone in your party has a computer science internship, in which case let them pay.) If you’re wondering, the food was incredible. I don’t even remember what exactly we tried, but I don’t think you could go wrong with a single item on the menu. That said, I think restaurant eating experiences are 50% actual food deliciousness and 50% experience.

note: this photograph is not my own

When our server introduced himself, he recommended that we take it easy. Look at the menu, choose some items to try, but don’t pressure yourself to order everything at once. Leave some time between courses. Enjoy yourselves.

Guys, 10/10 for Uchi experience based on that piece of prolific advice alone. I have never felt so relaxed at a fancy restaurant. I’m talking stimulating conversation with my boyfriend while sitting in the middle of the fanciest restaurant of all time and not worrying about how long I’m taking the table for (2.5 hours haha) or how much I’m consuming in comparison to John.

Moreover, I think I need that advice for life in general. For some people, I think it comes naturally, but for me living in the moment is something that must be forced. I am so forward thinking that I miss a million little moments in life. Usually it doesn’t matter, but I think the whole experience would be a little more enjoyable that way.

My new mantra: live every day like you’re eating at Uchi.

Take It Slow

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