Ready for a Heat Wave

Boston was making it so hard to say goodbye.

taken on the Charles River Esplanade
taken on the Charles River Esplanade

Until it wasn’t. Sunday and early Monday were freezing cold and rainy. Fortunately, the sun peeked out today and today is supposed to be gorgeous, but I’ve just about had it with this city and its everlasting chill.

I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again: this past winter was the worst winter of my life. I know, I know. Boston had a record-setting winter and I shouldn’t base my judgment on that. But when I told friends I was struggling this winter, they reminded me that I struggled last winter too.

The snow and painful cold kept Boston completely miserable for a couple of months, but I left the city in May last year to go to India. In Louisville, May is the month I can always count on to have my favorite weather with averages in the seventies. Louisville has been having colder winters of late, and so I slipped into the habit of assuming it maintained similar temperatures to Boston.

February in Boston
February in Boston

I was wrong. While it got considerably warmer during May, in the first week or so of June we had a couple of days dip down into the forties. I need my winter to wrap up in March.

People (and by people, I mean “I”) underestimate the effect that the winter has on me every single year, and Boston does a lovely job of bringing gorgeous weather from July – November, which makes me forget just in time for it to come ’round again.

let's not even get into how long my should-be-30-minute commute was during the snow storms this winter
let’s not even get into how long my should-be-30-minute commute was during the snow storms this winter

I’ve had to force myself to repeat over and over again how much I dislike the cold and winter so that I won’t forget and will feel motivated to do some things next year to make it better. I need one of those happy lamps with extra strong lights or, better yet, I need to find an internship outside of the Northeast.

All I know for sure is that post-graduation, I need to move somewhere without a winter for a little while to recover.

Ready for a Heat Wave

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